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Chemicals : Glass / Surface Cleaner


NCL® Kleer-Brite Window & Glass Cleaner - Qt.

Heavy duty, quick acting, film-free cleaner leaves all glass surfaces sparkling and dust resistant. Will not streak.

Cleaning Supplies : Scrapers / Blades / Putty


Ettore® Super Scraper Replacement Blades - 6"

Angled to get into the tightest corners.

Cleaning Supplies : Floor Pads : 14" Floor Pads


Americo Green Scrubbing Floor Pad - 14"

14" pads for stripping, scrubbing, buffing and burnishing.

Cleaning Supplies : Floor Pads : 18" Floor Pads


3M™ 7300 High Productivity Stripping Pad - 18"

Every floor pad in the 3M line is designed and manufactured with a uniform coating throughout, assuring longer-lasting performance in a variety of maintenance operations.

Cleaning Supplies : Brooms & Dust Pans : Corn Brooms


Broom|warehouse| 100% Corn 42"" Wood Handle

For heavy-duty sweeping. Heavy metal band with four rows of stitching for strength and durability. 42-in. long, 11/8-in. dia. lacquered wood handle. Corn 32-lbs.

Cleaning Supplies : Mops : Dust Mops


Golden Star® Fusion™ Dust Mop - 36", White

Revolutionary construction: combines standard dust mop shape with innovative microfiber technology. Electromagnetically-charged microfiber loops deep clean large areas. Use with standard dust mop hardware. Quik-Change™ style polyester backing with reinforced ends. Date coded. Launderable through 200+ washings.

Chemicals : Floor Strippers : Liquid Floor Strippers


NCL® Super Purge Floor Finish Solubilizer - 5 Gal. Pail

Designed for use in heavy build-up areas that have been high speed burnished. A unique floor finish re-emulsifier & extra heavy duty stripper. Can be used with either the machine-scrub, or no-scrub techniques.

Skin Care : Soap : Liquid Soap


NCL® Unison™ Pink Pearlized Hand Cleaner - 800 mL

Luxury hand cleaner with exclusive Bajan™ fragrance. This superior hand cleaner deodorizes as it cleans. Formulated with skin conditioners and moisturizers. Leaves skin soft and smooth.

Cleaning Supplies : Window Cleaning : Window Cleaning Washers


Sörbo Swivel T-Bar - 14"

Available in various sizes.