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Floor Restorers / Maintainers


NCL® Mirage Neutral Floor Finish Maintainer/Cleaner - Gal.

Cleans and reconditions floor finish, can be used prior to floor buffing/burnishing to enhance floor appearance. Fresh citrus scent. Extra concentrated.  4/cs
Manufacturer Part #0925G
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NCL® Pop & Shine RTU Gloss Restorer - 32 oz.

A revolutionary product that renovates floor finish and restores floors to maximum gloss like magic! Saves labor, extends scrub and strip cycles. Ready-to-use package that is easy to use, easy to store. Fast drying.  12/cs
Manufacturer Part #0546
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NCL® Spit Shine™ Ultra High Speed Kleen & Burnish- Gal.

Specifically designed for use with high speed/UHS equipment. This thermal reactive solution can be used by mop on restoration or applied by an automatic scrubber. Leaves floor with a dramatic deep wet look gloss.  4/cs
Manufacturer Part #0575G
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